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IMSI TurboFloorPlan 3D Home and Landscape Pro 2015 17.5 Final
08.09.2014, 21:39

TurboFloorPlan 3D Home & Landscape Pro - это простое и удобное приложение для разработки дизайна квартир и коттеджей. Благодаря прозрачному интерфейсу и множеству автоматических функций, существенно облегчающих проектирование, вы сможете быстро реализовать любые дизайнерские замыслы и затем представить их в фотореалистичном 3D изображении. Программа для дизайна интерьеров FloorPlan 3D подходит для любого строящегося или реконструируемого здания. Создайте с его помощью, дом вашей мечты!

Если вы архитектор или строитель, вы можете использовать FloorPlan 3D для быстрых эскизов и представлений идей вашим клиентам. Автоматическое определение размеров во время создания или изменения вашей модели гарантирует аккуратность и экономит ваше время. FloorPlan 3D сохраняет информацию о материалах, которые вы используете, путем помещения их в базу данных и автоматически создает Ведомость материалов.

С помощью FloorPlan 3D Вы можете делать следующее:
• Создавать собственный проект здания, используя только кнопки мыши.
• Создавать различные уровни этажей.
• Автоматически вставлять двери, окна, лестницы, колонны и крыши.
• Снабжать вашу модель такими элементами, как шкафы-секции, мебель, электробытовая техника и сантехника, предметы интерьера.
• Создавать и распечатывать различные виды вашей модели, включая план, вертикальный разрез и вид в 3D.
• Добавлять текст и размеры к вашим планам этажей.
• Экспортировать ваш проект в VRML файл. Вы можете предоставить этот файл для доступа через Интернет, чтобы другие пользователи могли «ходить» по вашей модели.
• Автоматически создавать Ведомость материалов, снабженную количествами и ценами.
• Использовать дополнительные библиотеки объектов в формате FLoorPlan.
И многое другое...

TurboFloorPlan Home & Landscape Pro has what you need to plan every detail of your home.
• Home & Exterior Design - Design in both 2D and 3D to quickly layout your floor plan, complete with foundation, walls, roof, windows and doors. Design the exterior of your home, complete with siding, custom roofs, shutters on windows, columns and more.
• Interior Design - Detail every room in your dream home, from luxurious bathrooms to the kitchen of your dreams. Design custom cabinets, apply real paint colors and materials, and choose from thousands of symbols to add furniture, lighting, and appliances.
• Landscape & Deck – Create the perfect outdoor living experience with pathways that navigate through lush gardens and the perfect deck or patio complete with outdoor furniture and lighting.
• Energy Savings – Get help to reduce your home’s energy consumption and save money.
• Planning Tools - TurboFloorPlan Home & Landscape Pro gives you everything you need to visualize your dream home and budget for its production.

The Professional Home Design Solution
• TurboFloorPlan 3D Home & Landscape Pro v17 is the easiest way to design your dream home! Plan all phases of your home from foundation, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing to the walls, windows, doors and custom roof. Visualize a new kitchen, bath, or room addition with custom cabinets, lighting, furniture and appliances. Create “colorboards” of your favorite paint colors, flooring, windows treatments… then swap in one click! Even design outdoor landscaps including decks, fences, paths, lawns and gardens with custom topography and outdoor lighting. It’s everything you need!
• Home Design
• Remodel
• Decorate
• Landscape

No Experience Required
• We consider this our professional version, but only because it offers the most easy-to-use features. Even a novice can get started right away!
• QuickStart™ for a simple way to create custom home designs
• Floor Plan Trace to scan and trace your own floor plans
• Professional Designed Home Plan Templates
• Tips and Tricks offer help with the specific tool you’re using
• Training Center with over 100 videos to boost your skills
• Thousands of drag-and-drop symbols

Powerful Features
• TurboFloorPlan does the work so you don’t have to. It’s got all the tools you need to quickly and easily design your dream home!
• 2D/3D design with precise auto-dimensions
• Automatic cost estimator and “Building Green” design tips
• Design Tools, Landscape Tools, Building Structure Tools
• Interior and Exterior Lighting Simulations & Fixtures
• Multiple ways to view your TurboFloorPlan Design

New Corner Cabinets
• Corner Cabinets are now available in the Cabinet Designer. Customize colors, panels, handles, number of shelves or drawers and more.
New Custom Column Creation
• Columns will automatically match ceiling height when added to a room. Customize the cap, shaft, and base styles independently or as a unit. Add to cabinets, kitchen islands, and building exteriors for a high end look.
New Electrical Switches and Outlets
• Choose from an extensive library of electrical switches and outlets, fully customizable using paint or other materials.
New HVAC Symbols
• Update your home or office spaces with over 500 new 3D furnishings to drag and drop into your design.
New 3D Object Pack
• Update your home or office spaces with over 500 new 3D furnishings to drag and drop into your design.
New Drag and Drop 3D Objects
• Now you can drag and drop 3D objects while using the 3D viewpoint. Objects will automatically position themselves on the top of surfaces like countertops and tabletops. Objects placed on walls, will automatically rotate to match the surface's angle.
Enhanced Floor Management
• Now TurboFloorPlan can create up to 6 floors. Create independent structures such as outbuildings and detached garages. When you change the elevation on one level, other connected levels will also change.
New Welcome Screen
• Easily create new projects, access recent projects, sample plans, and training materials. Get started quickly with QuickStart and in 60 seconds learn how to create a complete floor plan.
New Point Selection Highlight Guides
• Edit your custom shapes with ease by selecting and editing only the points you want. Add additional posts to a fence line or modify the curve of a patio with precision.
QuickStart Is Even Better
• Set exact dimensions in inches AND centimeters. New snap feature ensures that rooms line up quickly by snapping them together.
Multiple Monitor Support
• Utilize multiple computer monitors to view designs in 2D and 3D simultaneously.

Minimum System Requirements
• Windows® 8, Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, or Windows® XP, Intel® Pentium® III, Celeron® or compatible 1.0 GHz processor or higher (multi-core processors supported), 256 MB of RAM, 2.3 GB of Hard Disk Space, Internet access, VGA Video Card displaying at least 1024x768 with 32-bit color, 64 MB Video Card Memory (A separate video card is required. Motherboard video chipsets AKA onboard video chipset AKA integrated video is not supported)

Год выпуска : 2014
Лекарство : в комплекте (keymeker CORE)
Операционная система : Windows® XP|Vista|7|8 & 8.1
Страница программы : www.imsidesign.com
Язык интерфейса : English + Русский
Размер : 2.24 Gb

Скачать / Download:

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